What makes everyone think something happened between her and Chy? because they dont hang like they used to?

Yea there’s been a lot of speculation. It might’ve been because Heather and Honey were once really close and when Ty began dating Chyna, Honey began to drift away and now that they’ve reconciled, people began to think that the reason Heather and Honey weren’t as close was because of Chyna. I really don’t know. I’m assuming its because of that

How on earth did she lose ALLL that weight

I wish she would’ve said something about how she lost all of the weight ,but  it took her about two years to lose all of it. So I’m assuming she ate healthy and exercised. That’s all I can really give you guys

She looks so good

she sure does

So he was with her when she was bigger?

Yup, Heather and Trell have been together since she was 19

What happened with her and chyna/tyga?

I don’t know ,but something definitely happened It’s more so towards Chyna than Tyga. Heather has always thanked him so I doubt the problem is with him